Oceanfish S.A. It is an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the processing of sea products. Following are more relevant facts in the history of the company from its incorporation:

  • 2003: The company whose operations are related to the process of preparing and exporting fresh fish is constituted.
  • 2008: Starts a process of merger with the company Ecuahielo SA allowing it to expand its business lines to frozen fish exports to its main markets: USA and Asia.
  • 2008: Shrimp Division is created as an independent business so they can absorb fixed costs and generate incremental revenue.
  • 2009: Starts a process of scientific research for the development of mariculture. Ocean Farm, is the company responsible for fish breeding and cultivation in the open sea.
  • 2010: The vision and experience of its management staff allow you to achieve an important commercial position, to the point of having among its main customers at major supermarket chains in the United States through its distributors to Walmart, Costco, Publix, among others.
  • 2011: Oceanfish makes investments of around US $ 500,000 for the creation and installation of related Promopesca company, whose main business is the preservation and packaging of fish, especially sardines.
  • 2011: Oceanfish makes investments for the creation and installation of industrial plant whose main activity is the preservation and packaging of fish. Promopesca is dedicated to the production and export of canned sardines and tuna products.
  • 2011: Shareholders of Oceanfish a strong support to the development of its industrial activity, resolved to make a capital increase 4MM.
  • 2013: The company resolves to support own funding through both the final stage of Ocean Farm project and the construction of a cold chamber for Promopesca. The returns from this injection of resources are reflected in the improvement of costs in terms of supply of raw materials.
  • 2014: Oceanfish S.A. It has become one of the 5 major fishing companies of Ecuador. Keeping an important contribution to the total exports of fresh and frozen fish.
  • 2015: The project develops Ocean Farm with successful results. The first fry have been planted in two of the three existing cages, the first planting took place in April and was attended by the Vice President who placed the first juvenile to be grown in Ecuadorian sea. Importantly, the Government has taken this project as an example of entrepreneurship in the región.


Responsibly extract, process and market quality seafood encouraging the development of aquaculture and mariculture in Ecuador, to meet global demand for food in our markets, creating sources of permanent jobs in Ecuador, and respecting care environment.


Be the Ecuadorian leader in the export of products from fisheries, aquaculture and mariculture; being preferred and recognized in the world markets through the absolute satisfaction of our customers; permanently maintain our quality standards ensuring the best return for its shareholders.


Oceanfish S.A. Always concerned about ensuring the sustainability of the food industry has shared his experiences with the «Higher Education System» directly supporting training and academic training of professionals with scientific and humanist vision interested in research and technological development, so as SENECYT has obtained the favorable opinion for «Signing of the Convention Dual Training» between the Receiving «Oceanfish SA» and «Arboleda Luis Martinez» Higher Institute entity whose purpose is to share knowledge of the industry with students in technological fields such as : Industrial Safety, Occupational Risk Prevention, Refrigeration, Industrial Mechanics, and techniques in food processing. Furthermore Ocean Farm S.A. It has signed similar cooperation agreements and teaching techniques for research and development of mariculture in the country.


BRC Food certificated

The company fulfills with all the requirements of international buyers regarding the quality of products, the qualification of the workforce in each production process, efficiency and safety of its production plant, which has earned him the ``Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 6`` certification issued by Bureau Veritas.

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100% of its production plant complies with all national and international quality standards, with the HAACP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and the Risk Assessment certification issued by the National Fisheries Institute

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Oceanfish system maintains a highly recognized quality control. Pursuant having completed its process of approval of suppliers to the customer National Food Processing CA Pronaca.

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Food and drug administration

Oceanfish fully complies with the stringent requirements of the agency FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which is the agency of the US government responsible for regulating food torque ensure the safety of American consumers.

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